Grow in Love

Love is not simply something God does; it is the very center and essence of who He is. We are called to find our identity in God’s love, and to grow in love toward God, others, self, and creation.

Re-Orient Our Lives around Jesus

When we enter into a covenant relationship with Jesus – through child-like trust, repentance, and baptism – and embrace a new lifestyle of on-going conversion, we become part of the new creation that Jesus is bringing into being.

Enter into and Reveal the Kingdom of God

The reign of God brings about the most loving, peaceful, and beautiful existence. We choose to enter into it, demonstrate it to others, and invite others into it.

Listen to and Share God’s Story

We are called to listen to, and find our identity in God’s Story, and to invite others into its reality.

Be Led and Empowered by the Spirit

Together, with an attitude of humility, we are called to respond faithfully to whatever the Spirit has called us to do, while always remaining open for Him to redirect us at any moment.

Participate in Covenant Life

We are called to move beyond self-serving relationships and into covenant relationships that will require us to live out and demonstrate agape love and servanthood towards each other as we are, together, prepared as a beautiful bride for Jesus.

Partner with God in the Spiritual War

As citizens of God’s Kingdom, we are called to tear down the remains of the kingdom of darkness. Our enemies in this warfare are never other human beings, but rather the demonic spiritual powers, along with their sinful systems and structures of idolatry, division, injustice, and oppression.

Live as a Missional People

As a people on mission, we will strive to live as a humble community devoted to healing, serving, and reconciliation, as we proclaim Jesus to be the True King over any and all competitors.

Serve as Agents of Reconciliation

In response to the divisions we see between humans – including race, ethnicity, social class, economic status, gender, ability, etc. – we are called to lay our lives down in order to be a living bridge that brings healing and reconciliation.

Become New Creations in the Image of Jesus through Ongoing Conversion

As followers of Jesus, we are called not only to believe differently, but to live differently.

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