We have prayerful, desired outcomes in our ministries, honestly evaluate them, and make changes when necessary.


As beings who bear the image of our creative God we are called to value the use of imagination, innovation, and the arts to inspire and bring life and beauty.


In the spirit of Jesus, we offer friendship to guests, strangers, and even enemies, because we remember that we were offered friendship with God while we were still enemies.


We lament the racial, gender, social, denominational and relational divisions within the church, our communities and our own lives. We work to realize the beauty and strength that comes from the full expression of unity through diversity.


We believe that a church should operate as a unified community of servants where we are all ministers discovering and using our spiritual gifts to serve and sacrifice for one another.


We choose to be a community of people who refuse to perform or wear masks, and face reality in order to bring true life and wholeness. The way things really are is far more important than the way things appear.


We work to glorify God by choosing excellence, simplicity, gratitude, and care with the financial, human, and natural resources God has entrusted to us. We find life in Jesus rather than possessions.


We choose trust over suspicion, self-protection, and judgment. We choose peace through, not around, conflict. We commit to extending to each other the benefit of the doubt, to speaking truthfully and to submitting to one another in love.


We follow Jesus’ example of humility as we find our identity, value, and beauty in the way God sees us. We embrace our weakness in order to move toward interdependence, love, and cooperation.


We choose to take responsibility for our own growth, discovery, and experience of the Kingdom. We need community to help us in these, but others cannot choose our character or effort.


We value the past as long as it serves what God is doing in the present, and we commit to being flexible as we listen and respond to where God is leading us in the future.

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