New to Woodland?

New To Woodland?

Welcome to our church, and our site!

People end up at Woodland Hills all kinds of ways, but we’re glad that you’re here. We hope you have a good experience at our church, but even more, we hope that by participating in our community you’ll come to realize how much God loves you, and how much he wants you to participate in his beautiful Kingdom.

Here are some ways to get started:

Learn about our church at a Sunday morning Discover Woodland Hills class.

If you’re struggling with something, we may be able to provide help.

Want to get to know some other people? Learn about some ways to connect.

(If you’re not in the Twin Cities, check out some ways to participate online!)

Search and you shall find!

Looking for something specific? Use our search box in the upper right corner to search all the content on our site. To specifically search sermons, do a search and then click on the “Sermons” tab of the results.

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