Fear and Control

From Fear and Control by Sandra Unger

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March 28, 2017

“…and so i want to take a look at this clip, so that we understand actually what’s happening right now in Syria.”


What? I, too, want to know exactly what is happening in Syria, yeah? Must i purchase the documentary just so i’ll get Sandra’s point?

Podrishioners also need a reference, yeah? If you guys are unwilling to show us these type clips, can you please have the speaker describe what you are actually seeing in these clips? That would be great! In this sermon, there were three clips that we missed out on, yeah? Thanks again

March 28, 2017

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for reaching out about this. We would actually really love to be able to include in our podcast all media clips that are shown here during sermons. It’s not a matter of unwillingness. Unfortunately, due to those copyright restrictions, we are just not legally allowed to include these types of clips. If you are interested in watching The White Helmets documentary, it is available on Netflix!

Our hope is that even with the media clips removed, that our speaker’s messages and hearts behind their teachings will still come through. If you ever have any questions about a teaching, or if you ever need help locating the origin of a particular media clip we’ve used here, you can always reach out to us at info@whchurch.org.

Hope this helps.

March 28, 2017

Thank you Amanda

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Fear is part of the journey in this life, but for many, fear is consuming. As a result, it serves as a roadblock that keeps us from entering into what God has for our lives. God provides a way for us to move beyond fear and into a life of love. This is possible not because we have a guarantee that everything will work out as we wish, but because, even in the midst of the ups and downs of life, we know that God's love is greater than the fearful circumstance we face.