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The violence in the Old Testament is a huge barrier to people understanding the true character of God. Jesus most perfectly represents what God is like, but how can we imagine Jesus doing some of the nasty things in the Old Testament? Greg, our senior pastor, has spent nearly a decade wrestling with this dilemma and wrote a book about it that will be released in April. Not everyone will agree with it, but during our Cross Centered series he’ll offer his proposal with the hope that all of us go away with a clearer picture of God and his infinite love for us.

Our Cross Centered sermon series runs from March 19 through April 9. We hope you will join us!

Sermons in this series will be posted here.

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March 29, 2017

I went to the sermon on March 26th and it is such a blessing that my son did not go !!!!!!!!!!
Your Church should worn if it is going to be rated Adult content only not for children when I saw children my sons age 8. Their little brain is not going to understand. This clearly has lost my trust in your Church I will be looking for another Church thank you very much! !!!!!!!!!!!!

March 31, 2017

Hello Christine,

Thank you for your feedback about this, we really value your perspective and we understand your concern. I am sorry that we have lost your trust in this way. We do typically try to have our speakers give a quick note to the congregation if the message will include sensitive or adult content, but that got missed during this particular weekend, and we are sorry about that. Like I said, we appreciate this feedback, and it will help us to do a better job in the future. The rest of this teaching series will likely include some similar content, and we will be making sure that the speakers will say something about this at the beginning of their messages.

April 9, 2017

Thanks, thanks, thanks!
So good, liberating and healing!
Blessings to you all // Mia

April 10, 2017

Reading the dialog is the perfect example of why I love Pastor Greg and Woodland Hills. I live in Alabama and have never attended a service, but I do watch online.

It wouldn’t be difficult for Woodland Hills to have removed Christine’s comment, but they didn’t.

I love the fact that Pastor Greg doesn’t pretend to be perfect or have everything together. The message that we are in fact imperfect and need God’s grace is a thread that runs through pretty much everything that I’ve heard him preach; and in my opinion allowing this oversight to be expressed online by an attendant, and the church’s willingness to own up to the oversight is an awesome way to communicate this truth!

April 11, 2017

Where will the Q&A session be posted for this series? It was so good!

April 12, 2017

Hello Luke,

Glad you enjoyed it! It will be available a little later this week! You will find it posted on our website here:

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