The Non-Violent Warrior

From The Non-Violent Warrior by Greg Boyd

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April 4, 2017

Your approach is intriguing and hopeful.

Andy Crouch encapsulated what many speakers at BioLogos2017 addressed, which is related to what you are doing here. He used a quadrant of Order & Abundance related to Genesis creation (Abundance referring to the teeming multiplication of species, etc.)

1. Both absent = void, nothing
2. Order only = machine
3. Abundance only = chaos
4. Order & Abundance in tandem = Life

#2 is rigid apologetics which try to explain everything without mystery.
#3 is heretical acquiescence to every wind of thought.

#4 is where we look for stability to guide us through the dynamism such that we stay on course moving forward.

I look forward to these ideas being developed in conversation with others who also want to be faithful to what is revealed in Christ, while being open to risk engaging uncertainties which stretch us to think and experience beyond what is simple and familiar.


April 4, 2017


Absolutely love your website! Your presentation of the ‘Greatest News Ever’ is super refreshing and graphically smooth & concise. Mega-Kudos to Chris Sinclair as well.


August 9, 2017

awesome explanation cause i was struggling with this topic of old testament violence and it doesnt feel uncondition love and unchanging God but your videos helped a lot. At same time it doesnt cover flooding of the world, all human kind accept Noah and family and two each animal. And we know it was God cause we have the rainbow as a promise that He will never flood the world again. That still is in the back of my head when trying to remember God’s character as loving and unchanging and unconditional love. I get stumped now only on this last situation. I also feel bad question the Almighty Father cause it feels wrong but at same time how else are we gonna learn.

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If we read the Old Testament assuming that it all is about the cross of Christ, then we can see how God stooped to the level of the cultural conditioning of the Old Testament authors to allow himself to be portrayed as violent. In addition, when we read carefully, we can actually see, within the passages of violence themselves, the nonviolent character of God breaking through.