Does God Play Favorites?

From Does God Play Favorites? by David Morrow

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May 3, 2017

Well done! I don’t think I truly learned this until grandchildren, of which we now have 11. I cannot imagine calling any one of them any less than my favorite!

May 7, 2017

I understand why folks use “God” in the OT because it seems hard to know if it’s the Father or the Son in each story / quotation. But does it not seem clear that it’s always (or nearly always?) the Son in Christophany? In His sermon on the mount, it’s “You have heard it said, _____but I say_____.” Was it not the unchanging Jesus who gave Moses His laws? Was not Jesus later clarifying His own laws given on Sinai, rather than correcting them? Did not Israel gladly receive those of the nations (Rahab, Ruth, Uriah, and others) into the fold who sought to Judaize?
As David points out here, Israel was God’s people to shine His light everywhere to give them reason to be jealous and see that their place was also in God’s worldwide fold. True, but how we would wish that attracting them was that simple.

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A surface level reading of the Old Testament gives the appearance that God has chosen Israel as a favorite nation, and has therefore discriminately blessed and protected them in and against other nations. Just as we discovered during the cross centered series, if one looks below the surface there actually is much more than is first apparent about the cultural understanding of God’s interactions with His people, the Israelites’ hearts, and God’s true calling and intention for their nation.