Hidden Figures

From Hidden Figures by Nikole Mitchell

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July 3, 2017

For those interested in the scenes that were shown during the sermon, you can find them here!
1:00:04 – 1:03:09 Katherine running to/from bathroom; speech to boss
1:03:10 – 1:04:34 Boss taking down colored signs

July 8, 2017

Hi. I love your enthusiasm Nikole. Just a question. Are you saying then, that everyone is in, until they opt out? I have heard this a bit lately and not sure as to what people who are saying it think it means? Christ’s death on the cross ushered in New Creation. Got that. All were forgiven and reconciled. Got that. But that doesn’t mean all ARE a new creation, only that Jesus began it. Hence the need to be born again. What I want to ask, is where is the line drawn here against universalism? I was under the impression that everyone’s sin has been wiped away. That the only sin now is the sin of unbelief that cannot be forgiven. So we are all still in Adam ( the old creation) until we surrender our lives to Christ, THEN we become part of the new creation. Perhaps you could explain your take on this. I am trying to understand what you were suggesting. :)

July 19, 2017

Are you familiar with Ilaria Ramelli’s work?

July 23, 2017

Nikole, thank you for the sermon. I hope to see the movie sometime. One comment/side story…
I believe that it was common about 1,000 years ago for Ethiopians to journey to Jerusalem. But, since it was a long and dangerous journey (and through areas where they didn’t speak the same language), they built the church-city of Lalibela (a very interesting place!). Ethiopia has been Christian for a very long time – not sure if due to that eunuch or what, but a good story anyways.

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God’s Kingdom is breaking in upon this world in beautiful ways. Yet, many of us have a difficult time feeling on the inside of this movement, many of us struggle with feeling as though we are outsiders. In this message, Nikole Mitchell shows us through the movie “Hidden Figures” a central piece of the Gospel message that often gets neglected – that God has destroyed every wall that divides us as humans… He has taken every outsider, and made us insiders.