From Held by Greg Boyd

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May 3, 2013


July 31, 2013

Hi Greg, I’m reading your book “God at War” and one thought keeps coming back to me regarding Spiritual warfare and the will of God.

The people of Israel called out to God (prayer) when enslaved by Egypt. God delivered them out of bondage. This must have been His will.

You referenced in Ch. 1 of your book an eyewitness account of a little Jewish girl named Zosia and her experience in Nazi Germany. Do you think she was praying? Was her mother? Why did God answer (save, deliver) the people of Israel but not Zosia?

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Many people blame God for the terrible things that happen in our world: the death of a loved one, illnesses, natural disasters, even acts of terror. Some claim that these are ways that God judges and punishes us. But Jesus gives us a very different picture of God. Jesus reveals that despite the evil in our world, God is always on our side, wants what is best for us, and loves us beyond measure.