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We can all recognize that our society has built up enormous spending traditions around Christmas. Many of us buy more than our budgets can handle, and the constant barrage of advertising fools many of us into believing that this is how Christ’s birth should be celebrated.

This Christmas, consider a small change.

Instead of following the patterns of our culture, we want to encourage each other to take a small step in a different direction. Gift-giving and generosity are certainly Christlike, but we want to provide an opportunity to be generous to people in our world who have extreme needs. For most of us it’s not realistic to completely ditch Christmas presents for loved ones. But we CAN make a small change and begin a different kind of tradition.

We’re asking you to sacrifice some of the money you’d normally spend on gifts. Instead, offer that money towards a four-week campaign that we’ve launched called Water for Haiti.

This means we actually have two goals: spend less on your family and friends (who probably don’t need much anyway!) and instead, give a gift that will provide water to families in great need.

We feel called to respond to the water crisis in Haiti.

Only 30% of Haitians have safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. This has led to the current outbreak of cholera, which is predicted to result in over 200,000 cases. But even before this latest crisis, Haitians – especially children – frequently die from malnutrition because of parasites and bacteria in their water that prevent nutrients from getting into their bodies.

We know we can’t solve the water crisis for the entire country, but we can make an impact and help the people God has connected us with. We plan to do just that through Water for Haiti.

Our goal is to raise $21,000 during the four weeks before Christmas and give the money to our partner ministries in Haiti. If we reach our goal, we’ll be able to provide funds to dig a well and establish clean water distribution in the village of Lougou. We’ll also be able to provide clean water for thousands of families in Cite Soleil for four months.

Even if it’s a small amount, please consider joining us. We can’t create new Christmas traditions overnight, but this year we can all take a small step together!

Donate now or check out our FAQ.


Update: A few people have asked for an easy way to let friends or family members know that a donation has been made in their name. Other folks asked for an easy way to let people know that they’d appreciate a donation to Water for Haiti instead of a gift. We’ve created a certificate that will help with that.

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November 28, 2010

Have you considered making and selling t-shirts with the above “Water for Haiti” graphic on them?

November 28, 2010

Jim, I saw one church doing something called “Pure Change” and it was where each weekend, people would bring in their “spare change” that they “collected” throughout the week, and drop it off in metal buckets at the altar when they got to their service. It is UNreal how much change came through and how fast it added up. What a great idea because most people can participate. Anyway, thought I’d throw the idea out there…..
So happy church is doing this!!!

November 29, 2010

Hillary & Gina: Thanks for the ideas! I think there are a lot of different ways this could work (including both of the ideas you mentioned).

One of the main goals of this we felt called to was not only to raise money to help Haiti, but also to encourage folks to spend less on gifts for family and friends. That’s why we ended up setting it up the way we did.

Thanks again!

November 30, 2010

Hi Jim,

Is anybody working on a simple certificate or gift card that tells about the project and mentions that a gift to the project has been given in “______’s name”. It might be a good way for us to share the idea and project with our friends and family members whom we might want to give this to in place of a scented candle or Mickey mouse tie :-)


November 30, 2010

Great question, Craig! (We’ve actually had a few people ask about that already, which is super encouraging!) We’re working on getting a document together where people can fill in someone’s name and the amount given. We’ll post that to our blog and people can download it and use it if they are donating on behalf of someone else or as a gift. Should be available today or tomorrow.

So no Mickey Mouse ties for you this year, huh? :)


Edit: The certificate is now available.

December 1, 2010

That’s right I can wear my Goofy tie for another yr….
We still might have to give our daughters some Barbie stickers :-) But they are still happy with “pre-owned” stuff, so we have found an easel and Strawberry Shortcake scooter, purchased form another young family who will then be in a better position.
The stickers will be new :-)


December 3, 2010

Thanks for taking this up, folks! the south of Haiti is just now being hit with the epidemic. The first hit in a new area is generally hard, with a sudden mass of cases. (I work in potable water at a hospital in the Artibonite).

December 16, 2010

have you guys heard of Advent Conspiracy?


December 19, 2010

This was such a great idea. Last year we got a gift from a family member that were shots against malaria for 120 kids. I like these ways of supporting people that we will never meet and taking care of the world too. Thanks for challenging us to give in this way! Bless.

December 20, 2010

Jason: Yeah, we’ve checked out their videos in the past. They’ve got a really cool thing going!

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