Empire of the Baby

From Empire of the Baby by Greg Boyd

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December 26, 2010

Praise the Lord for the near double donation goal for Haiti!! We are so blessed in the US despite our current economic situation, but we are still a lot “better off” financially compared to many other parts of the world. We need that constant “thanksgiving” reminder all year round and don’t get caught-up with the increasing “power-hungry” (greedy) desire in our world

November 24, 2012

I appreciate your closing comments where you talk about making day to day decisions which will subvert the kingdom. Voting with our dollars and our actions. Pray for me that I can further simplify my life by getting the electric bike we just bought fixed up so I can live more ecologically. That is the kind of thing that people are looking at–how we Christians live day to day. I want to do this to glorify Christ and to care for creation.

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Christmas is a time of nostalgia when family and friends get together. Cute and serene can be words to describe this time, but Christmas and the birth of Jesus was anything but serene. The birth of Jesus was an act of war against the Empire of this world.