Losing the Faith Game

From Losing the Faith Game by Greg Boyd

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January 18, 2011

I find the question who are you trying convince coming to mind when I listen to your words. Someone in your life is clearly feeling the need for a secure hug. Things are pretty simple when it comes to love. Time can always be better spent without words. Good nuggets though.

January 19, 2011

Oh, I laughed and felt so happy to hear you say that sometimes you think you suck as a Christian! That’s kind of my ‘mantra’. I tell people all the time (especially my pastor) that I suck as a follower of Jesus. So now that I’m hearing it from a pastor it makes me feel normal, affirmed, that it’s okay to be that honest. You know, of course, that’s it’s not really true, or at least that it doesn’t really matter in the whole picture but I’m just tickled to hear a pastor (preacher) I admire saying the same thing. Thanks, Greg. You have strengthened my resolve to follow Jesus, regardless of how badly I do it. God is really changing me inside and giving me the desire so I will continue to follow.

I love listening to you.

January 19, 2011

I really wish you could somehow set up the video streaming so that when you post a comment the whole video doesn’t have to reload and start over again from the beginning. I can’t wait until the end to post because I’ll forget everything I wanted to say.

Peace and love.

January 19, 2011

Nicole: Great idea about setting up the page so it doesn’t need to refresh for comments! We’ve got a list of enhancements we’d like to make to the site and I’ll add that on there.

January 19, 2011

This is one of the best descriptions I’ve heard about “faith without deeds are worthless”.

I’ve struggled with this one. I have had a notion for a long time that actions alone do not buy me a way into the presence of our Lord. Such as if being a rich person and thinking my money and spending it certain ways would achieve the goal. I’ve never had enough money to be secure, so this one gets me befuddled in many ways. But, I get the notion at the base of meaning. So, having to do things and have faith that I’ve let it go from my perceptions.

I can accept letting things go, letting my perceptions go, allowing that I can do what I desire to be the best possible. I don’t find that to difficult. I can empathise with others, I hope the best for others, and am willing to do for others where I can. Defining what I can and can’t do does get nuanced. I have to evaluate certain justifications that my wife imposes upon our relationship. If I could upset the balance of what my wife considers an imposition upon our family, in order to help someone, then I could be going beyond viable limits?

I find it difficult to understand some viable limits, as when I would use my time to help someone, and it would take time from being at home, then, what consequence is there for my home/family. It’s not easy to do this. I know how to put others needs above my own, but sometimes I could be putting others needs above my family and then imposing my good deed with negative consequences. Those could be dishes undone, a project for the home put off, lost opportunity to be with my young son, or something.

Well, enough for now.

January 20, 2011

The faithometer sure helped me understand the true meaning of this passage and what faith is. For many Christians Faith is the currency of God’s Kingdom and if you earn enough Faith dollars then you can buy and get anything you want. I see faith now as the direction you are leaning in, moving in, moving towards. Its the object/person in whom you place your trust, where your commitment is and according to that direction, leaning, etc. you reap what you’ve sowed and as it is in agriculture a teeny tiny seed produces an amazing amount of fruit…or vegetables if that is your leaning :) Thanks again Greg and WH church…may God keep blessing you guys!!!!!

July 15, 2011

Thanks Greg :) Blessings from norway

October 15, 2011

Another great analogy to which I can relate. I had the husband who was never home. We have 5 children. I tried to keep it together for 38 years and caved in. Was it right? I guess not! Would I do it again NO. it totally devastated the second27, the 18, and the 14 yr old.She took the brunt of it, but now has not to much to do with me. the other 4 are boys. I think after you make the commitment you loose all rights to your feelings. Because you love, you should do what is right for the whole, not just what is best for you. The entity of you doesn’t count any more. However all of then learned from the experience and and are all but 1 good husbands, and wife.
So in the same way, as we should have committed to each other, we should also commit to God. and when you do, like the song says,” There’s no turning back,no turning back.”After the wreck guess where I landed. Oh his doorsteps.

God has a strange sense of humor!!

Thanks again for a good analogy
May God Bless you in all you do!!

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Faith is often understood in measurement terms. Some say people need amounts of faith to receive benefits from God. Faith, however, should be understood in relational terms and not “faithometer” terms. The illustration of a marriage best serves the idea of how faith in God works.