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What does God say about our relationships and family? Our fall Adventure series, Relatively Speaking, is exploring the relationships that make up our lives. We all face challenges relating to one another, no matter what “relative” situation we find ourselves in. Single? Dating? Married? Divorced? Kids? No kids? Love your parents? Can’t stand them? During Relatively Speaking, we’re covering Kingdom principles that we can all put into use.

Weekly Sermon Study Guides

We’ll post each week’s study guide to this page on Sunday afternoons through the six weeks of the series. If you are leading or participating in a Relatively Speaking group, check back here!

Week 1 :A Family Affair
Week 2: Honoring Dad, Mom, and Father
Week 3: Solo Mojo
Week 4: Say Yes To Arranged Marriages
Week 5: Reverse the Curse
Week 6: When Marriages Go Bad
Week 7: Abba And Abasi

Download “Relatively Speaking” sermon audio and video.

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