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April 12, 2012

What a powerful message. Many thanks indeed. Forgive me for writing this here but I do have a burden that we as the Body of Christ need to pray for those who are Christians and function in the public realm. i.e. Mel Gibson. I feel that he needs to watch this sermon.

April 14, 2012

Having grappled with these truths, i.e., I want to say that this sermon is full of clear answers for tearing down the strongholds that crippled my life for the last 60 years. My sinful self is dead and that I now can live the life of who I was truly created to be, having been made alive in Christ. There has been much abandonment, 4 attempts at marriage, and decades of abuse because I was driven in striving to make what already died become alive, totally deceived in grinding emotional pain. I now see why I have had soooo much pain. I was wallowing in death, trying to get my sin nature to straighten up and be righteous, so deceived.

April 17, 2012

Thank you Greg for always speaking truthfully. We don’t always feel things that are true, but it doesn’t negate their reality. Thank you for always choosing to resist the temptation to “tidy” things up.

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On Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. While this resurrection points towards a beautiful future, there is also a need to live this resurrection in our daily lives. In this sermon, Greg talks about the resurrection and its implications for our lives.