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We all know plenty of Bible characters and their stories: The woman at the well; Noah and the ark; David and Goliath; Adam and Eve. We can learn important lessons from these individually, but they’re really just chapters in a much deeper and more beautiful story of God’s purpose for all of us. The Bible has a central message that can only be understood when we consider how these individual stories are knit into God’s master plan for the universe.We’ll post each week’s study guide to this page on Sunday afternoons through the six weeks of the series.

Week 1: Creation Study Guide and Narrative
Week 2: Israel Part 1 Study Guide and Narrative
Week 3: Israel Part 2 Study Guide and Narrative
Week 4: Jesus Study Guide and Narrative
Week 5: The Church Study Guide and Narrative
Week 6: New Creation Study Guide and Narrative

Booklet of Narratives and Timeline

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November 11, 2013

I’ve watched week 1 of this series, I plan to watch them all. I like how Paster Greg does not avoid the hard questions which leave me doubtful of Christianity. One that he does not address is why did God create us for a purpose and yet allow us to chose not to follow it. I know the standard answer is “free will.” However if God is always in control, then our choosing to stray from him is his will. Why are we created to fail?

November 11, 2013

Hey Tom,

Thanks for the note. Greg often talks about free will and how we are allowed to choose to follow God’s will or not follow God’s will (and therefore, choose someone else’s will). This is necessary in order to have a loving, relational covenant with God. If we didn’t have the option of saying no to God, then we would be mindless automatons just following whatever God says. And that’s not true love. So, we would disagree that God chooses our actions for us, and if we choose to stray then it is our will doing so, not God’s. Which would mean that we are not created to fail, rather, we are created with the ability to choose.

Hope that helps and email me if I’m not making much sense and we can spend some time via email solving this.

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