Rescuing Revelation

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The book of Revelation can be an incredibly confusing and even frightening read, but it wasn’t meant to be either. In fact, behind the violent and alarming imagery of Revelation lies a world of beauty as we see the self-sacrificial love of Christ forever triumph over the darkness we encounter all-too-often in our world. In this series we take a deeper look at what the disciple John wrote and why, dispel common misconceptions of what it all means and celebrate our glorious future it promises.


Week 1: A Vision of Beauty
Week 2: The Lion and The Lamb
Week 3: The Lamb’s Roar
Week 4: Holy War
Week 5:
Week 6: Beyond Left Behind

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April 14, 2014

In one of Greg’s messages in the Rescuing Revelation series (I believe it was the first one), he referred to Vernard Eller’s book: “Revelation: The Most Revealing Book of the Bible,” suggesting that to be the most helpful commentary on the book of Revelation.

You should know that all of Vernard Eller’s writings, including this book, are available on line at

Personally I discovered Eller’s book and his most insightful commentary in 1978. I was living in Ethiopia at the time, the government had turned hard Marxist and hostile to Christianity and the church. Many people were being killed, including many Christians, and the church was under threat. It was then that I happened to take Eller’s book off the bookshelf of a Mennonite guest house. Revelation and Veller’s insights were of tremendous comfort to me in those dark days.

December 30, 2014

This completely woke my up to the loving nature of Christ. After a young man I have been mentoring messaged me about a history channel show on the book of Revelation I directed him to this series. My hopes is in the future I will be able to address people misconceptions of Scripture direct. But for now this is a great tool to be handy. Thank you Woodland Hills and Greg Boyd for making this available.

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