God’s Warriors on CNN

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God's Warriors on CNN

Early in 2007, CNN visited Woodland Hills to interview Greg and tape video footage to include in a documentary that aired for the first time on Thursday, August 23, 2007. This special report, called God’s Warriors, is broken into three parts, and each of the two-hour segments is devoted to a different religion: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The documentary’s main focus is how these faiths are affecting the world, with a special emphasis on politics.

CNN interviewed religious leaders who represent a wide variety of perspectives, and were interested in talking to Greg because of “The Cross and the Sword” sermon series he preached here and The Myth of a Christian Nation book he wrote.

Get more information about the CNN special report here. (To see excerpts from the CNN visit to Woodland Hills, look for the Christianity tab, and then select Video Diary: Politics and Faith.)

If you’re visiting our web site for the first time because you watched the CNN special, below are a few things you might be interested in:

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