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Kingdom Building

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A common opinion among those who attend Woodland Hills is that there are so many ministries provided that it is hard not to get involved in something. But what’s lesser known is the number of services it provides that are outside the scope of its members. Woodland Hills uses its building and resources for the local community on a daily basis.

Is there an Echo in here?

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Echo is part of the Emerging Generation ministry at Woodland Hills and focuses on 7th-12th graders. Find out more about what makes Echo unique.

Reveal: Power (An Echo Student Post)

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A few times during the year, Echo gets together to do an event called Reveal. One student shares their story of what Reveal meant to them.

Defiant Flower

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In Minnesota, snow can feel evil. Like a flower that yearns to break through the snow, we should yearn to break free from the old order of things and live the Kingdom now. In this sermon, Greg walks us through what the Resurrection of Jesus means to our lives today.

Cruel Stare / Miracle

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What I have to say today may offend some people. It may make others shout for joy. I am not going to pretend that I am not hurt.

Mission: Puebla, Mexico

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The very first time I visited the orphanage, I remember holding a little baby named Manuel. He had just been brought in by his mother, who expected him to die.

Ida B. Wells

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Ida B. Wells was a black woman who worked, wrote, and organized her whole life for a federal anti-lynching law, for women’s suffrage, for the equal rights of both her race and gender.

Sorting out “Normal”

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I don’t think my experience (Norm) is drastically different from that of most African American men. I was asked to share a few examples to illustrate part of the way my “normal” life is different than the life of a white person, like Greg.

Believing the Best

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About six months after Norm joined our (otherwise white) pastoral staff, a young white man in our congregation began writing letters and leaving voicemail messages for both of us about a number of things that bothered him.

Different Worlds

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No matter our race, when most of us try to comprehend a world so vastly different from our own experience it can lead to feelings of doubt and even further mire us in mistrust. For example: “How can that person believe what they do about the police? That doesn’t line up at all with everything I’ve experienced in life!”