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Let it Go

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Leave it to Jesus to challenge one of our most central cultural values – justifying violence by manipulating scripture. In this sermon, we discover what it means to practice non-violence both in our actions and our attitudes.

Shaken Not Stirred

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Despite Jesus clearly foretelling it, Peter didn’t think he would deny Jesus. But just as Jesus knew Peter would fall, he knew he’d get back up again too.

Undercurrent – Podrishioners

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This video introduces some of our podrishioners, who download our weekly sermons and participate on our community site, The Bridge.

Opting Out Of The “Who’s The Greatest” Game

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Jesus came both to save us and to reveal the character of God to us. Rather than coming in great power God came and served. Jesus calls us to “opt out” of the worldly desire to be better than others and learn to love them even when we profoundly disagree with them.

Judas Christianity

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When reviewing Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, Greg had two questions in mind for us to consider: “Was Jesus fated to betray Jesus?” And “Why did Judas betray Jesus?”