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Undercurrent – Facilities

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This Undercurrent video reveals ways how our Facilities staff ministers to people in our community.

The Real Proof

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What is the real evidence of a disciple of Jesus? Too often today we are told that followers of Christ are marked by success, happiness and power. However, the Bible points to a different evidence, that of love that comes under others and serves.

Echo Mission Trip Follow Up

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Echo, our student ministry, took a group of students and adult volunteer leaders to West Virginia in August 2010 to serve with an organization called Mustard Seeds and Mountains (MSM). The following is from 2 people who went on the trip.

Debt Free

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When Jesus prayed from the cross, “Father, forgive them …” he was expressing the radical love of the Father that extends forgiveness to all the world. While such an expression of forgiveness is far from typical, it contains the ability to heal, transform hearts and release people to forgive others.

Undivided Sermon Series

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Love God. Love others. Love yourself. Sounds pretty simple, yet we tend to overcomplicate this concept with our overly stressed, overly busy, overly committed lives. What can be done about this? How can we break the pattern? Our Fall Adventure Series, Undivided, is about living a life that is whole and undivided. It’s about simplicity and love and how those two things are connected.

Everyone is a Theologian (1 of 2)

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Everyone is a theologian. Even you. No one gets to opt out of thinking about the questions regarding God even if you don’t believe in God. You might not think much about God or what God does and doesn’t do in our world. Your Bible may be weighted with dust, your prayers might be rusty from neglect and church might rate alongside paying taxes. Even still, you are a theologian.

WH Mentioned in New Book

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In his new book, “Thieves in the Temple: The Christian Church and the Selling of the American Soul, ” author Jeff MacDonald asks the question, how do we practice an authentic faith in a world of consumer-driven congregations? While writing and researching the book, he visited Woodland Hills and interviewed Greg.

The Great Exchange

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Jesus was innocent but he died the death of the guilty. He stood in our place, taking on our life so that we might have his. There is no greater act in all of history.

Discomforted by the Silent Christ

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Jesus’ silence before his accusers surprised everyone. Rather than defend himself, he suffered unjustly for the sake of the Kingdom of God. By doing this, he demonstrated faith in a higher court that would ultimately judge all.

Heroes Gate Spotlight

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Last weekend we had a spotlight to recruit volunteers for Heroes Gate (our children’s ministry). Watch the video and sign up to help in Heroes Gate!