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Love Makes Cents

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Love Makes Cents (LMC) is more than a catchy title! LMC started 4 years ago as a way for kids in Heroes Gate to connect with peers in Haiti. Heroes Gate works with Woodland Hills partner ministry, COFHED, and the village development committee of Lougou to meet a tangible need.

Crashing into the Anvil (by Jeff Gill)

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Jeff Gill is a podrishioner from Wales, UK. Jeff is a Children’s Pastor and also an artist/designer. The art and writing on this post are from Jeff and he was kind enough to let us use them for the “[Unanswered Prayer] Happens” sermon from our [Crap] Happens series.

[Unanswered Prayer] Happens

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When we pray, we usually expect that our prayers will be answered. Sometimes, they are not. In this sermon, Shawna takes a look at what unanswered prayer looks like, and she provides insight into dealing with the pain of unanswered prayer.

Book Award for Paul

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Our very own Paul Eddy recently won an award for his part in the book “The Historical Jesus: Five Views.” Paul served as an editor of the book along with James K. Beilby. The book was named one of the best Biblical studies books in the 2011 Christianity Today Book Awards.

[Feeling Insignificant] Happens

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Most of us grew up wanting to be a superstar of some kind, whether it was an athlete, performer, or war hero. However, as we grow older, we recognize that we might be more ordinary than we thought. Yet, God wants us to know exactly how significant we are.

Big Tent Christianity (Audio from Greg)

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In September 2010, Greg spoke at the Big Tent Christianity conference in Raleigh, NC. You can now download the audio from their web site.

[Suffering] Happens

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In this world, there is a lot of suffering. Even as Christians, we sometimes ask “Is God even in control?” In this sermon, Greg addresses how we react to suffering and also how God is in control of the situation. He ends with some practical advice on how to follow God amidst suffering.

The Table Online Community

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The Table is a customized Woodland Hills web site that serves as a way to connect with other WH people online. It’s like an online directory just for our church, only one that allows you to meet other folks with common interests.

Pod Stories: The Apigos

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Steve and Jen Apigo are podrishioners from Michigan. We invited Steve and Jen to share some of their story and how our online resources have impacted them.

Undercurrent – 10 Years

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From the picture, you may think this Undercurrent is about Greg giving dance lessons in his spare time, but you’d be wrong. We recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary of being in our current building. This Undercurrent covers the history of how we ended up here, some of the ministry that has come as a result of it.