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Making a Difference

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Even though the Borens are leaving Woodland Hills this week, their messages will continue to live on. In this sermon, Scott says farewell but also has a message of making a difference in this world. By bearing good fruit, we leave a footprint in this world.

FOCUS/Immerse Fall Retreat

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The FOCUS and Immerse Fall Retreat is on September 23-25 at Camp Forest Springs! This is a great way to get to know new people, have fun and spend time with God.

Undercurrent – Dan Jackson

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Dan Jackson (aka “Papa J”) has been a long-time volunteer in our Childrens and Youth areas. See more Undercurrent Videos here


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Finding the will of God is much easier when we are walking daily with God. In this sermon, Shawna Boren lays out what it looks like to start and continue that journey with God. She also helps educate us on proper texting.

Clean Water in Lougou!

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In March 2011 every child and many of the adults in the village of Lougou, Haiti received a bottle for clean water from members of a medical mission team from Woodland Hills. But when they received their water bottles, there was no safe drinking water to put in them. Three months later, that has changed.

The Who and The Do

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God’s will for us is primarily about who we are and not what we do. When we realize who we are in God’s eyes, then it is much easier to find God’s will in our lives. In this sermon, Pastor Seuss shares with us some practical ways to open up to finding the Who portion of God’s will.

Stick and String

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God’s will is foremost about who we are and not what we do. God’s original design for us was to express his beauty to this world, but that requires us to receive who we are from him. In this sermon, Greg talks about his experiences as a little boy and how his interaction with God has shaped his understanding of who he is today.

2011 Summer Baptism

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Our annual church-wide baptism is on Sunday, July 24 at Lake Phalen! Find out more and register to get baptized!


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It is important to understand the framework that God works in before trying to understand God’s will. In this sermon, Greg focuses on how God wants to exist in covenant relationship as opposed to legal relationship. This is why communing with God and communicating with God is so important.