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Season of Giving – 2011

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Every fall, we present several spotlights that highlight opportunities for you to donate food, time and resources. We call this our “Season of Giving.”

Parenting Class: Fall 2011

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Let’s face it. Sometimes parenting is difficult. We’ve got a parenting class coming up and you can find out more or register now.

Relatively Speaking: Join a Group

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What does God say about our relationships and family? Our fall Adventure series, Relatively Speaking, will explore the relationships that make up our lives. Sign up to join a group now!

God Look-Alikes

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We were created in God’s image, to represent Him on Earth. In ancient times, people would make statues to represent their gods, but we were commanded to represent God, not make statues. In this sermon, Greg talks about our value as God’s image and the role we play in this world.

9/18/11: Extra Sermon Q&A

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Greg’s “The True Image” sermon generated a lot of questions, but unfortunately Greg didn’t have a chance to to do a Q&A at the end of his sermon. Here is Greg answering a few of those questions he didn’t get to.

The True Image

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Jesus is the image of the invisible God. This is one of the most foundational parts of Christianity and perhaps the single most important truth in the world. There are many deceptive pictures of God, but understanding and knowing Jesus is central to finding the true picture of God.

Kiln #10

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Our next Kiln event is coming up next Monday, September 19! We’ll hear from two musicians, a photographer/folk artist, an illustrator and a glass artist.

Body Parts

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Ministry Fair!

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Have you ever wondered how to get involved or connected at Woodland Hills? Check out our Ministry Fair on September 10-11!


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In Christian circles, we hear a lot about having “freedom from bondage.” Yet in our daily life, the bondage of sin can often feel more real than that freedom. While it may be something we receive as a gift, we’re also called to have an ongoing active role in living out our freedom, allowing it to become the thing that defines us, over and above the world.