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The Advantage of the Disadvantage

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In our world, we all strive to gain advantages to have a better life. However, the truth of the Kingdom is captured in the story of a crippled lamb. Greg shows us how, in the Kingdom, having advantages can be a disadvantage, and having a disadvantage can be an advantage.

Making Space 2011 Update

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The original goal for our Making Space campaign was $26,000. Find out how close we got to that…

The Gift That You Are

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Christmas is a time of gift giving. In this sermon, Greg takes about the greatest gift that we’ve received, and he also shows how we can give back. Put on your thinking cap for this one.

Pod Stories: Erich Salzmann

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Erich is a podrishioner in Ukraine, and he shared with us his story of bringing Greg’s sermons to his community.

Occupy The Kingdom

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With all of the unrest around the economy, it can be easy to preach against the rich. In this sermon, Greg takes a look at the book of James to see what he says about wealth, and he finds that there is more to the story than fairness.

Christmas Services 2011

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On Saturday, December 24 (Christmas Eve), we will have services at 3:00 and 5:00 pm. On Sunday, December 25 (Christmas Day), there will be no 9:00 or 11:00 services.

Christmas Beyond the Pattern

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The pattern of Christmas is to buy gifts for people that usually are not needed items. In this sermon, we look at the book of James and how faith must be found in our actions to the poorest of the poor, and an alternative to the usual pattern of Christmas is given.