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Thank you, Norm!

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It’s with a wide mixture of emotions that we inform you that, after 17 years, Norm Blagman has decided to resign as our Praise and Worship Pastor. We’re eternally grateful for his Kingdom service at Woodland!

The Squishing God

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Jesus is our hope of glory. But what does that mean? In this sermon, Greg talks about how we yearn to embrace and be fulfilled in life. He also talks about how we can surrender to God in order to be embraced.

Fundraiser Carnival!

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Join us on Friday, February 10 from 5:00-9:00 pm for a Fundraiser Carnival! Proceeds benefit a WH Covenant Partner recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Filling the Hysterema

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In our culture, showing vulnerability or neediness is often seen as a weakness. Since God is all-powerful (not weak), he must not be vulnerable or need others, right? Greg suggests that if we step back from our cultural assumptions about power and weakness we may see that God’s vulnerability is actually one of his greatest displays of power.

The Bridezilla of Christ

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The Church is the body and bride of Christ. And while Paul says that we are holy in Christ’s sight, we don’t always act like it. In this sermon, Greg talks about how difficult it is to hope in the Church, and how we can still strive to be the Bride of Christ.

Considering The Even More

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Life can throw difficult situations our way. Marriage struggles, road rage, or in Mary’s case, being an unmarried virgin pregnant with the Savior of the world. How do we handle those situations? Our guest speaker, Steve Wiens, talks about how God always wants to bring his wholeness (Shalom) into every situation and that we, like Mary, have the opportunity to partner with God in that.

Reveal: Power (An Echo Student Post)

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A few times during the year, Echo gets together to do an event called Reveal. One student shares their story of what Reveal meant to them.

Pressing On

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It is a New Year, and many people are making resolutions to change their lives and make them better. In this sermon, Greg talks about how Paul viewed his life’s journey. Make a new resolution this year that will mean more than a few pounds lost.