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Tuesday Night Discussion Groups

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During our Tapestry adventure series, we’ll be hosting discussion groups here at church on Tuesday nights. Find out more about how you can be involved!

Good Friday Service (2012)

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Join us for our Good Friday and Easter weekend services.

The Conspiracy Conspiracy

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There are many theories out there stating that the formation of the Bible is a conspiracy by the early church to cover up other writings about Jesus. In this sermon, Greg conspires to show how those theories have their own problems and addresses some of the questions these theories raise.

All In Women’s Conference

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Have you been longing for an opportunity to participate in a women’s ministry? If so, we want to invite you to register for the “All In” Women’s Conference here at church on April 13-14.

I Will Stand On The Mountain

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Find out about the process of producing our recent Worship CD, “I Will Stand On The Mountain.”

58: Movie Screening

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On Friday, March 23 Emerging Generation is hosting a free screening of the movie 58, a documentary on aspects of poverty and how Isaiah 58 calls us to action.

Deceptive Dots

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A GPS system will show us our exact location at any given time, and for certain phones, it is a little blue dot. However, just because we are physically somewhere does not mean that we are present in the situation. In this sermon, Sandra shows us some of the common distractions to being present and a distinct truth about why we are so busy.

Let’s Not Make-a-Deal

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Salvation is usually defined as a distinct moment in time. It is a deal that we make with God to get out of hell. In this sermon, Greg talks about how salvation is so much more than a one-time deal, and there is something better behind curtain number 2 (guaranteed).


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The week after Easter we’ll be kicking off Tapestry, our spring Adventure series. We’ll be unpacking how our beliefs at Woodland Hills have been woven together from various strands of the Church over the centuries.

Kingdom Building

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A common opinion among those who attend Woodland Hills is that there are so many ministries provided that it is hard not to get involved in something. But what’s lesser known is the number of services it provides that are outside the scope of its members. Woodland Hills uses its building and resources for the local community on a daily basis.