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Cambodia Mission Trip

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Recently, a group from Woodland Hills went on a mission trip to Cambodia. We caught up with one of the team members and asked her a few questions about her time there.

Giving Birth To Hope

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In this sermon, Dave Johnson (senior pastor of Church of the Open Door) takes us back to the opening verses of Colossians. Here, he explores how the “good news” of the Gospel provides us with a solid foundation of “hope.” This hope enables us to see beyond the difficulties and challenges that we face in this life.

Our Anabaptist Thread Pt. 2

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As we finish up our study of Tapestry, Bruxy Cavey teaches us the importance of visible Kingdom community and separation of church and state. These two aspects of the Kingdom were best lived out by the Anabaptists.

Our Anabaptist Thread

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The teachings of the Anabaptist church are important to Woodland Hills Church. In this sermon, Greg talks about four of the six distinctive teachings of the Anabaptist movement (next week will cover the last two), and they are still relevant today.

Tapestry Q&A

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Our most recent Q&A was on Tuesday, May 22. We wrapped up the Tapestry series by answering your lingering questions about how Woodland’s beliefs have been formed.

2012 Volunteer Appreciation Video

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Not that we could ever adequately express our gratitude for all volunteers contribute around here, but here’s a little ditty we used in our services last weekend to say “Thank you friends for all you doooo!”

Our Charismatic Thread

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The Charismatic thread helps us understand and delve into how the Holy Spirit works. In this sermon, Greg talks about the life of William Seymour and how the gifts of the Spirit are to be used today, in addition to counter-cultural Charismatic perspectives on race and gender that were a part of the movement from the beginning.

Q+A: Dragons?

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You may have noticed at Woodland Hills Church that we’ve been trying to do short Q+A’s after every sermon. Last week, we received a question that we just had to share with the world.

Kiln #12

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Our next Kiln event is coming up Monday, May 21! We’ll hear from musicians, a jewelry designer, actor, and graphic designer/illustrator. Please join us!