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Why Did Jesus Die?

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The cross shows God’s heart of infinite love, even in response to our hate and hostility. No matter what you’ve done, and no matter how far you’ve gone away from God, he loves you, he is waiting for you, and he wants to celebrate with you when you come home.

Q+A: Sinning Too Much

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What if you feel like you have sinned so badly, you feel hopeless? How do you find God’s love?

Little Greg and The Ugly Stick

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Our vision of God is extremely important to our faith. In this sermon, Greg tells the story of how his vision of God changed during his life. He also shows that God is not a god who is waiting up in heaven to hit us with a big stick when we mess up.

2012 Summer Baptism

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Our annual church-wide baptism is coming up in July!

The Sting

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While we know that Jesus saves us from Satan and the cost of sin, we can’t always articulate how it happened. In this sermon, Greg shows us how God outwitted the enemy and completely destroyed every piece of ammunition that Satan has against us.

I Owe It All To The Devil

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When we sin, accusations fly. However, it’s not God that is flinging the accusations at us. In this sermon, Greg shows how we owe all accusation, blame, and condemnation to Satan.