WH Mentioned on MinnPost.com

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Recently, MinnPost, a Minnesota news web site, published an article exploring the question, What should the role of the faith community be in helping the poor? In the article, they talk about our upcoming interfaith forum on Suburban Homelessness.

Pod Stories: Josh Dies & Showbread

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Josh Dies is a member of the band, Showbread. He got in touch with us to let us know how the band uses our online resources while touring and we invited him to write a blog post about it.

Spring Sermon Series

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Our spring 2011 Adventure series begins on March 12 and deals with the “Why, God?” questions of life. Register to lead a short-term group beginning next weekend (February 5-6).

Project Home Update

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Last October, we were hosting Project Home when we found out that the permit we’d obtained didn’t allow for homeless parents and children to spend a month sleeping here…

Undercurrent – Aki Polk

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This Undercurrent is on Aki Hughes-Polk, a volunteer counselor in our Refuge ministry.

New Worship CD!

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Our music ministry has released another Worship CD! Find out more about the CD and order your copy today.

Operation Joy Update

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Through Operation Joy, Woodland Hills partners with other organizations during the Christmas season to provide gifts and meals for people in our community that are in need. Find out how it went this last Christmas.


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WeServe provides opportunities for families and people of all ages to serve our local community. Our next WeServe is on Saturday, January 29. Find out more…

Ask Greg #2: Do I Need to Forgive Everyone?

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“If Jesus has already forgiven us, why do we still ask for forgiveness? And are we suppose to forgive people, even when they don’t ask for it?” Find out what Greg says…

Was Jesus a Superhero?

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What kind of power did Jesus have? Could he leap tall buildings in a single bound? Was he able to bench press a donkey? If he wanted to could he pull a rabbit out of a hat?