Was Jesus a Superhero?

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What kind of power did Jesus have? Could he leap tall buildings in a single bound? Was he able to bench press a donkey? If he wanted to could he pull a rabbit out of a hat?

Undercurrent – Haiti Update

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This Undercurrent gives an update on two ministries that Woodland Hills has partnered with to help with the Haiti earthquake relief and recovery effort.

Water for Haiti Update

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We officially ended our Water for Haiti campaign on Sunday, December 19. Find out how the campaign went and how the funds will be used to provide water for people in Haiti.

Greg at the Meeting House

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Last weekend, Bruxy Cavey from the Meeting House was our guest speaker. (If you haven’t heard his sermon yet, check it out!) While we heard from Bruxy, Greg was up speaking at the Meeting House. You can now download the audio and video of Greg’s message.

Christmas Weekend Services

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Invite your friends and family to spend some Christmas time with us! Find out about our service times during Christmas weekend…