Was Jesus a Superhero?

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What kind of power did Jesus have? Could he leap tall buildings in a single bound? Was he able to bench press a donkey? If he wanted to could he pull a rabbit out of a hat?

The God App?

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With four kids under the age of seven, I feel like I’m having to learn what it means to follow Jesus all over again. Praying now looks a lot different than anything that I have ever read in a book or heard in sermon. I’m a lot more honest and a lot less programmed.

The Journey is the Destination

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If we conceive of our life in Christ as a destination, it may be easy for some to see life on earth as waiting until their ticket is punched to go to the other side. But if life is a journey with Christ, through the Spirit, then each day is a new opportunity to take unexpected steps with Jesus and experience God in a relational way.