Be Involved

Getting involved in any large church can be a challenge. Who should you talk to? There are lots of choices, but which is best for you? Here are some straightforward options to explore.

Ministry Areas

Like any church, most of what we do is divided into a bunch of different ministry areas. Here’s one way to think about ours:


Everyone is hurting in one way or another, and it’s a privilege to help each other overcome struggles.

Emerging Generation (youth)

“Emerging Generation” is what we call our youth ministry, where students are invited into the beautiful life that God intended for us.

Heroes Gate (children)

Heroes Gate is our children’s ministry where our young heroes begin learning to love like Jesus and make a difference in their world.


We try to share God’s love through missionaries we help support, and by sending people on trips to other parts of the world.


Our weekend services are often the most visible and tangible expression of our church, and what many folks think of when they hear “Woodland Hills.”

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