The Gift that Changes the World

We made our goal, and a LOT more! Thank you for your massive generosity this Christmas season and for being a gift to those in need around the world!

If you’d still like to contribute to the ministry work of Woodland Hills, we could use your help in reaching our budgeted giving for December. You can make a donation to our General Fund here.

Jesus is God’s gift who changes the world. This Christmas, let’s be a gift to those in need.

Christmas is a time for fun, but there are also a lot of serious things going on in the world that we want to keep in mind. This will be our fifth consecutive Christmas season that we encourage each other to spend a little less on Christmas gifts and redirect some of our resources to serve others. As Kingdom people, Jesus specifically calls us to care for those around us. This year we want to demonstrate our care for people in need around the world by supporting the work of three organizations:

Our goal is to collect enough money so that we can give each of these partners $10,000 to help continue their work!

How to make a donation

  • Give online and select The Gift that Changes the World fund
  • Write a check to Woodland Hills and write “GTCTW” in the memo
  • Place a cash donation in an envelope marked “GTCTW”

If we exceed our goal of $30,000, we will split the extra amount equally among our three partner organizations. Please consider a donation in addition to your regular giving to Woodland Hills. We don’t want this campaign to prevent us from reaching our budgeted giving for our General Fund!

As a church, we have a history of serving people in great need and demonstrating God’s Kingdom love. Please consider helping us do it again this Christmas season in a way that can change the world!

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