The Christian Operation for Health, Education and Development (COFHED) has been working to engage in long-term community-based development work in southern Haiti, one village at a time, since 2001. Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, but COFHED’s approach is to work with communities to help them build on their strengths and recognize their own resources. This process of engaging communities can unleash the transformative potential of citizens, enabling them to dream and create their own destiny. 10 Woodland Hills medical mission teams have traveled to Haiti to work alongside COFHED over the last 9 years, and we’re very proud to call them some of our longest-term ministry partners.

COFHED is actively working in four communities in southern Haiti, but has been approached by another 12 who have requested community engagement partnerships. They have been unable to commit to these communities, in large part because of limited physical space. Much of their work has been conducted under mango trees or roughly constructed shelters in villages, and many meetings get canceled because of bad weather. To help increase their capacity to serve more communities, they have embarked on a project to build a Community Engagement Center.

This two-building facility will serve as an office and housing for COFHED staff, a training facility, and a dormitory for training participants, expert speakers, and other guests. The project has been organized into three phases, and they’re nearing completion on Phase 1: the first building that will serve as a warehouse/garage and living quarters.

We want to raise $10,000 to help continue the construction of COFHED’s Community Engagement Center. This will help them complete the first section of the main building’s lower level and expand their work to combat poverty in the villages of southern Haiti.

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