Crisis in-person or phone assessments are provided for individuals, couples or families who attend Woodland Hills and are experiencing various life problems. After an assessment, options are given for short- or long-term counseling as well as other resources within the Woodland Hills body or the larger community. Some of these options are listed below.

For more information about Counseling Care contact Lauren Mau at or at 651-287-2053. All calls are confidential.

Lay Counseling Ministry

Volunteer Lay Counseling is available for Woodland Hills’ attendees that need ongoing counseling and are unable to access professional counseling due to lack of insurance coverage or limited finance.

Professional Christian Counselors

Our Care Ministry maintains a referral list of many professional Christian counselors in the Twin Cities area. Many of the counselors accept insurance or have sliding fee scales. Crisis counseling is available free of charge for one to three sessions. Download our Counselor Referral

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