Catastrophic Needs

A Catastrophic Need is when a Covenant Partner, Staff member, regular attender (for 6 months or more), or the spouse or child of the previously mentioned, has an immediate need for prayer, financial aid, or community support due to:

  • an accident or injury (serious or critical condition)
  • personal natural disaster (tornado, fire, flood.)
  • a serious illness (life threatening, or chronic long-term where finances will be drained)
  • death

A Catastrophic Need means that an individual or family’s well-being is in jeopardy due to the above (i.e., may lose job or primary income, may lose home, may experience severe emotional trauma, or prayer/intercession is needed to come against the effects of the above).

To find out more about Catastrophic Needs at Woodland Hills and ways you can help, contact Mary at or 651-287-2059.

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