Funeral Ministry

Our Deepest Sympathy

If you are dealing with the death of someone close to you, we want to tell you how sorry we are. This is a difficult time, and it is our hope that this information will be helpful to you. We know that planning the details of a funeral can be overwhelming, and we would like to assist you in any way we can. If you would like to arrange to have a funeral at our church, please contact Anita at 651-287-2065 or

Below is some information that many people wonder about when planning funerals:

Pastoral Care

We can set up time with a pastor or lay minister if you would like crisis counseling. One of our pastors will also perform the service and meet with you to arrange the details.


We try to make our facility available to attendees of Woodland Hills for times such as this, but because we share our space with partner organizations, we have limited availability. Please email for more information.

Special Needs

The Resource Ministries of Woodland Hills are available to help with any special needs that may arise for you, such as housework or meals. Please let us know if you are in need of this kind of assistance, and we will make arrangements for you.


Instrumentalists and vocalists can be provided for a charge. They have certain songs you can choose from or may be able to accommodate a special request. If the services of a sound technician are needed, there is an additional charge.


A program will be provided for the service at no charge to you. We will ask for any information you would like included in this.


You will need to arrange for flowers for the funeral. Afterward you may take the floral arrangements home or give them to family members, but no flowers may be left at the church.


We do not provide luncheons. Families may either bring food or have it catered. We do provide people to set up and serve the meal.

Private Room

A private room will be provided for you and your family the day of the service. You may leave all your personal items in this room.

Suggested Order of the Service

  • Music (background music before service: CD or piano)
  • Opening Prayer (Pastor/family/friend)
  • Song (optional)
  • Eulogy (family/friend)
  • Scripture (Pastor/family/friend)
  • Message (Pastor)
  • Song (optional)
  • Closing/Benediction (Pastor)
  • Music (Optional)

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