Prayer Ministry

“And you shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” – Isaiah 56:7

Prayer is the very life and breath of Woodland Hills Church. It sustains the momentum of the church to fulfill our calling and destiny by releasing God’s anointing and power on behalf of His people.

Submit a Prayer Request

Please e-mail your prayer requests to

Prayer requests are handled in several ways:

  • Our confidential Prayer Letter is sent out each week to a group of intercessors and includes requests from the weekend services, the prayer line and emails.
  • Small Prayer Groups meet each week to pray for the needs of specific ministries or for the church as a whole.
  • Requests from our Prayer Line are sent to a group of intercessors by email to facilitate more immediate prayer coverage.

The commitment to an intercessory prayer team is taken with great seriousness: before interceding on behalf of requestors, intercessors purposefully enter God’s presence by preparing their hearts and clearing their minds. They create an environment free of distractions, confess their own sins, and fast if able. Such acts facilitate total focus so that nothing can hinder their prayers.

To become involved or get more information, please contact Anita at or 651-287-2089

Personal Prayer Appointments

Scheduling personal prayer appointments provides time for a deeper form of prayer than what is possible at the altar after a weekend service. Prayer ministers serve in teams and operate through the empowerment and direction of the Holy Spirit.

To arrange an appointment or to learn more about being trained as a prayer minister, please contact Anita at 651-287-2065 or

Weekend Intercession

Our Altar Intercessors provide prayer to those who need a touch from God at our weekend services. Members of the ministry team pray in pairs for those who come up to the altar for prayer for physical, spiritual or emotional needs.

Our Service Intercessors cover every aspect of each of our 3 weekend services. They pray behind the scenes covering every facet of the services starting with praying blessings on people as they enter the church. As the service unfolds, the Service Intercessors cover all details including equipment, the listeners and those giving the message that the Kingdom of God might be advanced.

If you’re interested in being an Altar or Service Intercessor please contact Anita at 651-287-2065 or

Prayer Chapel

Our Prayer Chapel is at the north end of the Gathering Area and offers experiential prayer stations, where people can enjoy a meditative prayer experience. It is available during most daytime hours for a quiet time of personal prayer and reflection.

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