The Refuge

The Refuge

The Refuge’s last weekly gathering was on Thursday, June 22. Our next fall kickoff will be on Thursday, September 7! 

The Refuge is a community of people who help each other grow and heal in different areas. Together we meet the grace of God through music, dinner and issue-specific support and growth groups. Most groups meet on Thursday nights at Woodland Hills.

All of the following Refuge Groups meet on Thursday nights and follow the schedule below unless otherwise noted. Some groups are open (meaning you can show up and join at any time) and others require you to register ahead of time.

Current limited summer Thursday night schedule (only three groups are currently meeting over the summer):

7:30-9:00 pm – Support and growth groups (Discovery in Christ, Courage to Change, Pure Desire)

Please note: The Refuge’s last weekly gathering was on Thursday, June 22. Our next fall kickoff will be on Thursday, September 7! 

40 Days to a Healthier Life

  • This group will look at several different areas of our lives, such as faith, food, fitness and more to begin to incorporate healthy choices into our daily lifestyles. We will also look at how to deepen our relationship with God and be changed inside and out.

Betrayal and Beyond

  • Betrayal and Beyond is the sister group of Pure Desire (above) for women who have been betrayed by the sexual struggles of someone they love. Jesus tells us that it is when we let our pain, sorrow, and anger out that we can receive comfort. This group is a safe place where you can be real as you seek healing.

Courage To Change

  • Are you feeling consistently unfulfilled in relationships? Do you tend to have caretaker or controlling behavior? Do you struggle with intimacy problems? Learn about what causes codependency and how to create healthy boundaries in relationships.

Discovery in Christ

  • Discovery in Christ is a Christ centered recovery group.You are not alone, and your identity does not have to revolve around your "problem." We believe that you can move beyond mere recovery into wholeness and fellowship in the body of Christ.

Grief Share

  • Come to a place where you can find help as you grieve the loss of a family member or a friend. You don't have to be alone as you make the journey through grace.

Hope for a Heavy Heart

  • Do anxiety or depression burden your life? This support group will concentrate on giving you daily tools and a safe place to share your challenges with anxiety and/or depression

Life on Purpose

  • In Life on Purpose, our deepest intention is to grow in our capacity to love God, others, ourselves, and all of creation.  We study, discuss and practice a variety of spiritual disciplines which help us position ourselves where God can do His transformative work in our lives.

Moms Prayer Group

  • Come join a group for women who have a desire to pray with others for their children and grandchildren. We use the Word of God as a starting point for praise, confession, thanksgiving and intercession. By focusing on the attributes, character & names of God, discover how God increases our faith as the Holy Spirit guides us in the truth of the scriptures for our children. 

Pure Desire

  • Pure Desire is a men's group that provides support and direction for those struggling with sexual issues. If you have been afraid that the church is the last place you can be honest, think again. We provide a caring atmosphere where you can be open and honest and not feel you are alone in your struggles.

The Ultimate Journey

  • The Ultimate Journey is a general growth and healing group. It will take you through three distinct phases dealing with your past, present and future. It leads people from the bondage of their past into a intimate relationship with their loving creator.

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