About Echo

You can pick up a copy of our Echo Journal at the Info Desk. This journal details our structure, schedule and other main parts of Echo for the year.

We gather together 7th-12th grade students on Wednesday evenings during the school year at 6:30 for a time of worship, relationships and exploring how Jesus sees the world and his invitation to us to live a life like his. The gatherings include relational connecting, music, teaching, and dialogue groups. See the Echo main page for information on fall events!

Trips & Events
Throughout the year we create special opportunities that encourage students to deepen their relationships with each other and God.

Next Parent Meeting

Wednesday April 26th, 6:30-8 at WH

Parents, join us to discuss upcoming events, learn updates of the ministry, and connect with other parents and Echo staff!

Important Forms

Liability form (PDF)
Scholarship Application (PDF)


How can my student get involved in Echo?
The best way to introduce students to Echo is to check it out on a Wednesday night. We have a team of adults and student leaders that will welcome your student and show them around. If they decide to become more involved, we can get them involved in Journey Groups, the small group ministry of Echo. If your student is in 9-12 grade, they are invited to check out Reverb, which meets once a month during the 11:00 Sunday service.

Is there anything available beyond Wednesday night?
Yes! In addition to the weekly gathering on Wednesday evenings, we have retreats and special events throughout the year. Updated information about our events and services are available on this website. Students who participate in Journey Groups have additional opportunities to connect socially and through service with their small group.

What are Team Rooms?
We have found that the large group gathering of around 100 is not very inviting to many students. The group size is even more intimidating to students who come to Echo not knowing anyone. Because Woodland Hills draws from such a broad area of the Twin Cities, most of our students do not attend Echo with friends from school or their neighborhood.

To make Echo feel approachable and relational, we’ve created two mid-sized groups that bring students together based on where they live. Each regional team room (“Blue” and “Red”) includes zip codes from the city of St. Paul and the suburban areas around the city. Students spend time each week socially connecting with peers that live near them and we form Journey Groups based on team rooms. Team room groups also get together for social events on weekends throughout the year.

Do my students have to sign up to be in a Journey Group?
Yes, we ask students to take the initiative to sign up for small groups, at the beginning of the school year, if possible. All students are invited and encouraged to participate in a Journey Group, but we do not assume that it is the best for everyone or automatically place students who come to the large group gathering into a small group setting.

We open groups in September and again in January. Students commit to one school year at a time and we do everything we can to keep students and leaders together year after year.

What is the rationale behind keeping 7-12 graders together in one ministry?
We approach the Echo community as a family. In a family, you learn from and live life with people of different ages and life experiences.  We hold those same values here and believe that a family approach actually equips students better for the kinds of communities they will have throughout their lives.

So, this means that we stay together for social time, teaching and musical worship. We recognize that life application and the way we process what we are learning is pretty different for most junior and senior high students, however. So when it comes time to discuss what we are learning or how we apply it to our lives, we break the students up into groups that better match their stage of life. 7-8 graders are together and 9-12 graders share together.

How can I get in touch with the adult volunteers, staff or other parents related to Echo?
If you are looking for information about upcoming events or how to get involved as a parent, you can contact Joshua or Hannah.

If you want to get in touch with your student’s small group leader, ask your student for their info or check with Hannah.

How can I support the Echo ministry?
We always need prayer! Everything we do hinges on the activity of God among students, volunteers and staff in this community.

Please join us in thanking God for the students and volunteers in the ministry. We also need prayer for wisdom, creativity, patience and guidance as we steward the relationships and opportunities we have with our community of families and volunteers.

Get involved

Parents meet on a semi-monthly basis with our Associate Pastor, Joshua Dery, to hear about what’s going on with Echo as well as to pray for the ministry.  Joshua also sends out a regular email to parents about upcoming events. To get more info, contact Joshua at or 651-287-2074.

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