Regional Strategy

Echo students are invited to intentionally connect with others who live in the same general area within the Twin Cities. We shape this relational connection by providing regional team room environments where students are socializing and discussing God’s story with people they are more likely to see outside of Echo events and services.

Team Room Structure

Within each team room is a fully staffed volunteer team with 10-12 adult volunteers. Each team works together to facilitate an environment where students can discover Jesus through caring leaders, biblical teaching and meaningful relationships. Each room includes adult volunteers who are gifted in social connection, shepherding, operations and teaching. Each team room also has a team of Student Catalysts, who are 10-12 graders who serve as apprentice leaders in any of the following volunteer roles.

Social Connectors make every student feel welcome and accepted in the team room community. They draw students into conversations and games and connect them with other students. They are always watching for students who don’t seem engaged and look for ways to get them involved in the life of the team room.

Operations people are gifted in detail management, organization and event planning. They help to identify and create systems so that students and leaders have the information they need to fully participate in Echo.

Shepherding happens primarily in the Journey Group setting. Journey Group leaders meet weekly with a their group and spend about half of their time shepherding and nurturing students.


You can download this application here: Application for Working with Students (PDF) or pick one up at the Hello Desk. For more info, contact Joshua at jdery@whchurch.org or 651-287-2074.

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