Baby & Child Dedication

What is Baby/Child Dedication?
Baby dedication and child dedication are the act of giving back to God the gift he has given you as parents. It is an act of worship, thanksgiving, dependence, trust, and commitment. The practice of child dedication has been modeled throughout the Bible.

The Israelites brought their 8-day-old children to the priest for blessing. Hannah (I Samuel 1:24-28) brought her long-awaited son Samuel to the priest Eli to dedicate him to the Lord. Mary and Joseph brought baby Jesus to the temple for his dedication.

We recognize that salvation only comes to a child through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not passed on to a child through dedication. Parents covenant to raise their children by modeling Godly principles with the desire that one day, their children will receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Is dedication the same as infant baptism or christening?
Child dedication is different from infant baptism or christening. While these rites are significant for a variety of faiths, it is the practice of Woodland Hills Church to dedicate children.

We at Woodland Hills Church believe that all infants are destined for heaven should they die before they are old enough to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We also believe the Bible teaches that baptism should take place after a person has made a personal choice to follow Jesus Christ.

When & Where is Baby & Child Dedication?
Child dedications are scheduled periodically throughout the year as a separate service, typically on Saturdays at 4:00 p.m. in the South Commons. You must register for upcoming dedications. An orientation meeting will be scheduled prior to each dedication and is required in order to participate in the dedication.

What if I am unable to attend the Child Dedication Orientation Class? Can my spouse attend the orientation for both of us?
The orientation class is a required part of the dedication process for each parent desiring to dedication his or her child at Woodland Hills Church. If you are unable to attend the orientation class, please contact Paula at or 651-287-2068 and inquire about future dates.

I am a single parent. May I still dedicate my child?

Who should we invite to the Dedication Service? Do I need to select “God parents” for my child?
The Celebration of Life Dedication Service is a very special time, so be sure to invite your family and friends. There is no limit on the number of guest you may invite! We do not use the term “God parents” at Woodland Hills Church, however we certainly support your choice of significant individuals to offer support and encouragement and to hold you accountable to the commitment you will be making.

Do I have to be a Covenant Partner of Woodland Hills Church to participate in the Celebration of Life Child Dedication?
No, participants need not be Covenant Partners. We only ask that you be regular attendees with a desire to raise/bring your child up in Godly, Christ centered home.

Will there be refreshments for our guests?
There will be light refreshments for your guests at the dedication service but you may wish to have a small reception at your home or at a nearby restaurant either before or after your dedication.

Being a new Christian, I am a little nervous about all of this.
If you are a new Christian, we are delighted to be a part of this important step in your newly found walk with Jesus. Our intent is to come alongside of you and help ensure that the Child Dedication is a non-threatening process that will be a personal time of deep significance for you and your family.

Check out upcoming dedication dates or register here. For more information contact Paula at or 651-287-2068.

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