Arts Collective


The Arts Collective

We believe the arts expand our capacity to encounter God. As a lay ministry of Woodland Hills Church, the Arts Collective seeks to explore and expand the role of artists and the ability of art to foster meaningful encounters with God and others.

Our goal is to do this by:

  • Cultivating the imagination (the inner sanctuary) of both artists and non-artists in and around the Woodland Hills body
  • Enhancing and texturing worship through musical, visual, tactile, auditory, linguistic and experiential art
  • Affirming artists as members of the kingdom community through advocating for their full participation in all dimensions of the functioning of the corporate body
  • Ministering to wounded and discouraged artists through physical, spiritual, emotional, professional, and relational support
  • Educating the church body about encountering art as a redemptive, edifying and exhorting element in the spiritual journey
  • Celebrating art and artists that wrestle with issues, ideas and images with integrity, faith and artistic excellence.
Past Projects include our Contemplative Collaborations and Kiln events.


Historically, Woodland Hills staff and volunteers have headed up our arts ministry. However, the group is currently not meeting regularly.

If you have any questions please contact:
Greg Wollan: /  651-287-2064
Ruth Richmond: /  651-287-2067

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