Loafer Ministry

A lazy person is sometimes referred to as a “Loafer.” But at Woodland Hills, a “loafer” isn’t an adjective describing a person who spends hours on the sofa, it’s a noun meaning, “One who Loafs!”

On Tuesday or Thursdays, a “Loafer” picks up unsold bread and pastries from Panera Bread in Vadnais Heights and delivers it to one of three local sites for families in need:  Ramsey County Family Services Center, Gladstone Community Center and Woodland Hills ministry, The Refuge.

The Loafer Ministry has grown 1000% since it began in March of 2001, when a Keith LeMay, a former Woodland Hills staff member, first heard about the opportunity to pick up “leftovers” from Panera. There are now 11 committed “Loafers!” Each Loafer makes a pickup and delivery once per month. The only requirements for Loafing are:

  1. A vehicle large enough to carry up to 8 LARGE bags of bread
  2. Enough muscle to move the bags from store to car to delivery site

The Loafer Ministry sometimes needs help finding sites that are located in somewhat safe neighborhoods for late night deliveries AND that can take sizable quantities of mixed bread in large bags (not individually wrapped).

If you would like to help out or have any ideas, suggestions or resources that would assist us in getting the “bread out,” please contact Stacey Schuette. You can reach her at 651-815-7969.

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