Update: We have surpassed this year’s goal of 375 sustaining podrishioners! We are currently at 390! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, and to everyone who has sent in photos and encouraging stories! We are so grateful for you all! 

What Is Sustain?

Once a year we launch our Sustain Campaign to encourage our podcasters (we call them podrishioners) to prayerfully consider an ongoing monetary donation.

Help us hit our goal of 375 sustaining podrishioners throughout the month of April. The average sustainer gives $10 a week, but we’re thrilled with donations of any amount. Plus, for each person who signs up during the campaign, we’re given an additional $50 as part of a matching donation.

If you’re a current sustainer, remember that your schedule may have expired and you’ll need to renew.

Every new and renewing sustainer will get a free t-shirt as our way of saying thanks. We’re grateful for your clicks, your downloads, and your donations. You make it all possible!



Need more info? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Send Us a Picture or Video

You hear from us all the time. Now we want to hear from you! Send us a picture or video of yourself in your favorite place to listen to the podcast. If you have a t-shirt from past Sustain campaigns, go ahead and wear it!

Send them in to (Sharing through Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. is also great!)

2017 Podrishioner T-Shirt

T-shirts come in men’s and women’s fit and will be printed and shipped out at the end of the campaign. If you’re already a Sustainer and you’d just like to get your 2017 t-shirt, click here.

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