WH Roku Channel


If you own a Roku, you can now subscribe to the Woodland Hills channel through your Roku device and watch sermons on your TV. To add the channel, just go to the  Channel Store on your Roku device. Navigate to the “Spiritual” category, look for this image and add the channel to your Roku:


For those who don’t know, a Roku is a set top device, similar to an Apple TV, where you can subscribe to different “channels” that stream media content to your television using your internet connection. Sermons will show up at the same time our podcast is available (Monday afternoon). A little background on how we’re able to offer this…

A while back we heard from a podrishioner and web developer, John Calhoun. John had a Roku and wanted to watch Woodland Hills’ sermons through it. Roku allows anyone with enough coding skills to create their own private channel, so John threw together some code and created a channel that streamed WH sermons. He then contacted us and asked if we wanted to make it an official public Woodland Hills channel and we said “sure!” Thanks to John for creating this and sharing it with us!

If you are a developer and have ideas of how you could use our sermons in a similar way, feel free to contact Charley at cswanson@whchurch.org or 651-287-3008.

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