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A Reasonable Faith: Answering Difficult Questions about the Christian Worldview

Start Date: Sep 11, 2019

In I Peter 3:15, we are told to always be ready to provide an answer to people who ask us why we believe in the Christian faith. In our increasingly post-Christian culture, being able to provide such answers can be difficult. In this class, we will consider some of the toughest questions facing people today who hold to a Christian worldview. Some of the issues we will look at are the challenge of atheism, the problem of evil and suffering, the reliability of the Bible and its role in our lives.

Class Format: Lecture with Some Discussion
Duration: 5 weeks
Outside Work: Some Outside Assigned Readings
Instructor(s): Paul Eddy

Paul is a teaching pastor here at Woodland Hills, where he also serves on the executive pastoral team. Paul also teaches Bible and theology at Bethel University. He lives in White Bear Township with his wife Kelly and two boys.

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"I cannot even begin to explain how incredibly profound the impact from these sermons has been on my life. Thank you, Woodland Hills Church, for posting them. We're reading you down in Texas, loud and clear."

– Kileigh, from Texas