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Muslims, Christians, and Jesus

Start Date: Mar 01, 2022

Nearly 25% of the world’s population is Muslim, and increasingly you may find your neighbor down the street is from an Islamic background.  What do they believe? Are the things we hear about them in the news accurate? How can we communicate the hope that we have in Jesus with our Muslim neighbors in loving and respectful ways?  This class will start you on your way to finding the answers to these questions and more.

Tuesday nights, 7-8pm CT

Class Format: Online via Zoom
Duration: 8 weeks
Instructor(s): Timothy Paulson

Timothy lives in North Minneapolis with his wife and 5-year-old daughter. He works for Common Ground Consultants, whose mission is to help Christians understand and love Muslims, so Muslims will come to understand and love Jesus. He teaches at churches and small groups, while also engaging with the Muslim community of the Twin Cities for the Kingdom of God. He has years of experience volunteering with the Somali community and has studied and lived in Muslim-majority countries. He has a heart for seeing Christians radically loving, serving, and welcoming Muslims in the name of Jesus!

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