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Reconciling Love: Approaching Race as a Kingdom Person

Start Date: Feb 03, 2020

Race is arguably one of the hardest topics to discuss. As people of different backgrounds come together to talk the potential for hurt feelings, misunderstanding, and anger are so great that many of us avoid it altogether—but maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe there is a way to approach this topic with a heart for unity and a passion for peace. Here at Woodland, we believe you can be empowered to bring the peace of Christ to this his stakes topic. Join Osheta Moore, Greg Boyd, Paul Eddy, and Kevin Callaghan for a six week class on race and our Kingdom values such as identity in Christ, sacrificial love, humility, and hopefulness. This class is for anyone who has wanted to learn about race and racial reconciliation but has felt afraid or maybe even uninvited. This is a safe and loving space for you!

Monday nights, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Class Format: Mostly Lecture with Some Discussion
Duration: 6 weeks
Instructor(s): Osheta Moore

Osheta Moore is a speaker, podcaster, and the author of “Shalom Sistas”. She is also the Outreach and a Teaching pastor at Woodland Hills. Although she’s a proud Texan, Osheta loves living in Saint Paul, MN. She’s passionate about racial reconciliation, peacemaking, and community development in the urban core. She’s an optimist cookbook reader, believes everything is better after a nap and spends her days off at the library. At the top of her bucket list to ride in a hot air balloon.

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"I was incredibly blessed by everyone who came out to the clean-up event to serve neighborhood seniors. It literally brought me to tears knowing that there are amazing people out there restoring my hope in what it means to love and serve each other."

– Merrick Community Services staff member