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Sabbath: Restoration, Delight, and Justice in Everyday Life

Start Date: Mar 03, 2021

This course explores the rich theme of Sabbath in Scripture. We will begin in the Old Testament and move our way through Scripture to gain an understanding of how practices of Sabbath bring about flourishing for all of creation. We will discover that Sabbath is directly linked to restoration, delight, and justice in the biblical texts. The course will conclude with reflections on how embracing Sabbath living in the present can bring about a more joyful and just world for ourselves, others, and all of creation.

Wednesday nights, 6:30-7:30pm CT

Duration: 6 weeks
Instructor(s): Stina Busman

Dr. Stina Busman Jost is professor of theology at Bethel University. She was Greg Boyd’s teaching assistant at Bethel University, and attended Woodland Hills as a college student and young adult. She also served as a summer pastoral intern at Woodland Hills when completing her Master’s of Divinity. Stina loves coffee, reading, and hiking. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and three children.

From Paul Eddy: Stina was a part of Woodland Hills for several years, and she is currently a colleague of mine at Bethel University. She regularly teaches a version of this class at Bethel, and the students who have taken this class literally rave about it! In this class, Stina combines deep biblical insight with practical spiritual insights. I’m really excited that she is able to bring this class for the first time to our Woodland Hills community!

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